Interactive Marketing


Higher Rankings. Higher Visibility. Higher Growth.


80% sites are discovered through search engines and about 60% first-time visitors are results of a search. It is high time you capitalised on the power of web marketing.

What’s the use of a well-designed website if it can’t generate the kind of traffic you are looking for?  

We can get you pre-qualified visitors using highly cost-efficient, ethical practices. comprises a team of young, dynamic consultants who can create Internet marketing campaigns to guide you through search engine guidelines and marketing gimmicks on the web.


Even as we aim for the zenith, we have our feet firmly on the ground. Unethical techniques are a strict no at MAC. We have instead mastered the art of using intelligent, widely-accepted tactics that are meant to popularise your business in the e-marketplace.

Choose how you want to rule the web:  
Search Engine Optimisation   Comparison Shopping

We optimise the Meta Tags (HTML coding) of your web pages in order to make them easily identifiable for search engine crawlers.


We promote your products to make them easily visible on top-notch comparison shopping sites. After all, a huge number of your potential buyers stem from there.

Pay Per Click Campaigns   Banner Advertising

We use paid search engine marketing to get your ads listed on top of the ‘sponsored links’ sections of search engine result pages.


We create attractive banner ads that can be strategically placed on the right Internet properties. In essence, we get target traffic diverted to your web pages.

Affiliate Marketing   Email Marketing

We help you manage your marketing campaigns on affiliate networks. Market your products/services through a chain of affiliates scattered across the globe.


Advertise your business through a well-strategised email campaign that targets your prospective buyers, luring them to visit your website and generate sales.

Strategic Link Popularity   Social Media Optimisation

We popularise your business by making other sites point links to your web pages. Our campaigns are strategised in accordance with your niche market.


Network with fellow Netizens and use your contacts to pep up your branding and marketing on the Web.